What We Do

Delex Maritime Analysis Center

The Delex Maritime Analysis Center (DMAC) is the corporate performance center for planning, developing, researching and delivering maritime security information products, maritime/port security risk management plans, and support to security response activities. The center’s three areas of expertise are maritime (risk) information fusion and analysis, maritime security risk mitigation planning, and specialized training for maritime security professionals. With over 38 years of experience providing maritime intelligence support, port visit assessments, and maritime security training expertise; Delex (as an ISO 9001 certified company) - is recognized as a quality driven service provider by our customers.

Maritime (Risk) Information Fusion and Analysis

  • Conduct highly disciplined and rigorous research, analysis, and reporting.
  • Consolidate and synopsize information derived from numerous sources and disparate formats;
  • Build fused information products geared to specific user needs;
  • Brings contextual sense to the overwhelming mass of single point news bulletins and short summaries;
  • Delivers information along customer determined topics, issues, and timelines;
  • Provides the information in well written, easily understood formats.


Maritime/Port Security (Risk) Management

  • Port Security Risk Assessments.


Specialized Maritime Training

  • Intelligence Analysis;
  • Professional Development Training on Commercial Maritime Shipping Industry and Ports Operation for Maritime Transportation System Intelligence Analysts and Security Professionals.


The DMAC cuts through the noise of news and opinion-based information and filters and evaluates relevant, timely, and decision-grade information to assist industry and government managers evaluate operational risk.  DMAC's products reduce uncertainty and supports forecasting and future planning.  The Delex advantage that enables us to consistently deliver quality products is underpinned by three significant capabilities:

  • We provide actionable analysis that supports security and business operations;
  • We augment our analytic rigor with classic journalistic discipline and academic research protocols to enforce product standards;
  • Our skilled team ranges from journeymen to subject matter experts originating from academia, Navy, Coast Guard, and the commercial maritime shipping industry.